SailNL - About Us

SailNL (previously known as NLSA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing life long boating in Newfoundland and Labrador. SailNL is the provincial sailing sport authority acting on behalf of the national governing body, Sail Canada. SailNL is also a member of SportNL.


SailNL's Board of Directors is a dynamic and diverse group of enthusiastic volunteers who are experienced sailors and boaters drawn from the local private sector business community, public sector government departments and secondary educational institutions. These Directors are responsible for carrying out the Vision of SailNL which is to make high performance sailing and recreational boating lifelong activities in Newfoundland and Labrador, through excellence in training, competition and community outreach.  


SailNL provides leadership, governance and standards to meet the needs of all our members by:

·        Enhancing participation in sailing and recreational boating in Newfoundland and Labrador.

·        Enhancing capacity to deliver community, instructional and competitive programming to athletes, instructors and coaches in       Newfoundland and Labrador.

·        Enhancing interaction and participation by being the authority and voice of Newfoundland and Labradorian athlete, instructor and coach development, competitive sailing and recreational boating.

·        Enhancing excellence by supporting national standards and policies in training, competition, and safety for sailing and recreational boating in Newfoundland and Labrador.

·        Enhancing interaction with sport leaders and providing guidance, leadership, support and services to our membership.

·        Promoting high performance sailing success at regional, national and international levels.



SailNL Key Pursuits 2014-2015

As part of the 2014 Leaders in Sailing Summit five key priorities have been identified for SailNL in 2014-2015 during the 2014–2019 Strategic Planning Cycle:


  • Increase the number of trained instructors and coaches in NL.

  • Work with partners and membership to improve equipment and the capacity to deliver community outreach and instructional training.

  • Strive to increase membership, participant and capacities to deliver community outreach, instructional training and competitive opportunities.

  • Increase competitive and training opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials. 

  • Establish an effective marketing plan to promote sailing in NL.



SailNL Values

Community.  The commitment to foster a community of sailors and boaters who are passionate about the sport of sailing and recreational boating in NL and about working towards the same goals.  A connected sailing community who respects the needs of sailors at all stages of development.

Excellence.  The commitment to deliver excellent programming and support to community, instructional and competition streams.

Teamwork.  The promotion of partnerships used to deliver sailing at all levels.

Equality.  Seek to provide the opportunity for sailing to all individuals in the Province.

Boating Safety.  It is the responsibility of all sailors and recreational boaters to promote and follow safe boating practices and principles as laid out by the Canadian Coast Guard, Sail Canada, SailNL, coaches/instructors and other partner organizations such as the Canadian Sail and Power Squadron.

Environmental Stewardship.  The boating environment is susceptible to pollution and environmental influences. The Enjoyment and long term viability and sustainability of sailing is dependent on sustaining the aquatic and marine environment

Fair Play. The commitment to adhere to the Sail Canada Youth Code of Conduct, the Sail Canada Coaches Code of Conduct, the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other policies and documents, which govern the sport of sailing and recreational boating in Canada.

Lifelong Enjoyment.  Sailing and recreational boating are lifelong activities to be enjoyed throughout life.

SailNL Strategic Plan



In April 2014, SailNL hosted a “Leaders in Sailing Summit” in conjunction with its annual general meeting.  This was the first meeting of its kind in recent memory in the province and its objective was to bring together known stakeholders, identify new stakeholders and engage the attendees in soliciting input for the development of a new strategic plan for the sailing association.


Twenty individuals were invited and to the surprise of the organizers, nearly everyone attended with those not in attendance unable to do so due to previous commitments.  Attendees included supporters of sailing and cruising in Newfoundland, associates of junior and adult sail training, marine safety, collegiate and provincial racing, the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, Marine Institute and other key stakeholder and sailing supporters.


A third-party consultant facilitated the Leaders in Sailing Summit, who had a background in strategic planning and extensive experience with nonprofit organizations.  After the conclusion of the Leaders in Sailing Summit and annual general meeting, the elected SailNL Board of Directors met again with the facilitator who helped in summarizing the stakeholder inputs from the session, which were in turn used to guide the development of the 2014–2019 SailNL Strategic Plan.