Member Benefits


SailNL is the provincial sailing sport authority acting on behalf of Sail Canada, the national governing body and is also a member of SportNL. Previously known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Sailing Association (NLSA), SailNL is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing life-long boating in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Every year member organizations and Sailing schools are asked to pay membership dues on behalf of individual members to SaiNL so that they remain “in good standing” and eligible to receive numerous member benefits. These membership dues are usually collected by Clubs as part of annual dues. Membership Dues are shared between SailNL and Sail Canada and allow both sailing associations to carry out their work on behalf of ALL members.


In addition to the individual benefits, there are considerable organizational benefits when your club or organization joins the greater national sailing and boating community.  When an organization joins SailNL and Sail Canada, it joins a network of clubs, sailing schools and associations across Canada.  This network provides a great opportunity for resources and idea sharing, such as learning new best practices and gaining from sport leadership. 


Member Benefits



·       Sail Canada membership card obtained through your club office

·       Reciprocal privileges with other member clubs.

·       Club / organization information posted on the SailNL Website.

·       Access to SportNL member services, including group travel rates:

·       Access to Sail Canada promotional and corporate services, including hotel discounts.

-        Discounts on insurance via Skippers' Plan.




Cruising ~ Power and Sail

  • Access to Sail Canada courses specific to power boating and cruising including Learn To Cruise, Basic Power Boating, & Coastal Navigation.

  • Active representation and lobbying to Canada Coast Guard, national and provincial Government agencies, marine organizations.



  • Right to Race in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing.

  • Handicapping information.

  • Annual Regatta Schedule.

  • Regatta Liability Insurance.

  • Sail Numbers for offshore racing.

  • Right to appeal decisions of protests.

  • Sail Canada certified judges at events.

  • Rules and Race Management Courses.

  • Eligible for Annual Award Programs

  • Participation in SailNL / Sail Canada Championships.

  • Access to the Sail Canada Financial Assistance program, such as donation receipt programs, or funding assistance for high performance athletes, and programs.


  • Access to Sail Canada training programs, including the newly launched CANSail program.

  • Access to Sail Canada certified instruction.

  • Discount on Sail Canada / SailNL training materials.

  • Opportunities to sit on provincial and national training development and steering panels.

  • Discounted rates on Sailing School Insurance.

  • Development camps hosted by provincial and national team coaches and athletes.

  • Eligible for Annual Award Programs.


If your organization is interested in joining SailNL and Sail Canada, please click here for more informarion.